CBC Radio interview about Prison Music Project

An interview with Zoe Boekbinder talking about the Prison Music Project aired on CBC’s “As It Happens” on March 3, 2015. Here is a teaser but follow the link at the bottom to hear the whole interview:

Boekbinder got the idea to make an album of songs and poetry written by inmates about five years ago, when she agreed to perform in New Folsom as part of the institution’s art program. She describes the experience of performing there for the first time to As it Happens host Carol Off:

“I played three concerts…by myself, solo. The first concert was around nine in the morning — way earlier than any concert I’ve ever played in my life.” It was in the law library of C-Yard, which houses the prison’s general population. Boekbinder played for about 30 men, who she said listened quietly and attentively.

Stream the interview HERE